Become a member of Camden Butterfly Trust today!

The strength of an organisation is measured by its membership. The more members we have, the more influence we’ll have when asking the owners of the sites to give us permission to establish our gardens on their land.

Membership of the Camden Butterfly Trust is £12 a year. By becoming a member, your subscriptions will enable us to achieve our aim: the establishing of a network of wildlife-friendly butterfly conservation gardens throughout the London borough of Camden.

We will be asking the various funding agencies to grant us the requisite funds to create these gardens. But before we make a start on any of these gardens, provisions must be made for their maintenance. This is where your membership fees will come in. It is estimated that it will cost about £5,000 a year to maintain one of these gardens. This works out to us requiring at least 500 members to reach our goal. Only when we have built up our membership can we expect to succeed in our endeavour.

So please help us to secure the future of Camden’s urban butterflies by enrolling today and help us get the word out there when you do!