The Problem

There are 59 species of native British butterflies. About two-thirds inhabit the countryside. the others inhabit our towns and cities. For decades now the populations of these butterflies have been recorded. In April 2017 a report in the Ecological Indicators informed us that populations of our rural butterflies was down by 45% and our urban butterflies down by a staggering 69%. It is, then, not inconceivable that in the next few decades our urban butterflies will have disappeared from our towns and cities.

who we are and what we do

We want to Bring Back The Butterflies!

Due to the ever increasing human population, wildlife is being marginalised, exiled to the periphery of our civilised existence. As the most intelligent species to have evolved on our singular planet, we sincerely believe that we have a moral obligation to safeguard the future of all wildlife whose right to exist is no less than our own. Enthused with this ethos, the Camden Butterfly Trust aims to establish a network of bee-friendly butterfly conservation gardens throughout the London borough of Camden.

What Do We Want?

The 3 main aims of Camden Butterfly Trust are:


To create a network of habitats for wildlife, especially butterflies, throughout the London borough of Camden


To raise awareness of the plight of our butterflies and many other species of our native wildlife


To encourage communities and individuals to get involved in establishing and maintaining these habitats

We seem to have lost that ancient kinship with nature that, not so long ago, was instinctive to us - Anon

James Leigh

Founder of Camden Butterfly Trust
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    By becoming a member of the Camden Butterfly Trust you can help us on our journey to Bring The Butterflies Back to Camden. Support us and join today. Membership is only £12 a year!

  • You Can Help!

    No matter how small your donation, you will be contributing to the success of our butterfly and wildlife habitat creation programme.

  • Get Involved!

    From helping with the creation of our gardens and maintaining them, to assisting at Festivals & Fairs, there are many ways you can get involved!